restorative welding

Museum quality TIG welding of antique firearms and edged weapons ... since 1964


In 1964 we adapted stamping die and plastic injection mold welding techniques to the challenge of TIG welding ancient and antique swords, firearms, and ferrous metal artifacts.  Over time, we achieved “invisible” welded repairs on antique European Swords, Wheel-locks,  Flintlock and Percussion Muzzle Loaders, and the early factory rifles and pistols of the Civil War, and Westward Expansion.

Restorative welding uniquely maintains a guns complete historical authenticity and value, while offering a less expensive alternative to fabricating a replacement part. These attributes combine to make it the leading choice of the best gunmakers and restorers.

We invite your inquiry, and welcome an opportunity to explain how Restorative Welding can benefit your upcoming restoration.


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